David Eagleman – Rewiring the Brain & Inventing New Senses

This week our guest is Dr. David Eagleman: renowned Stanford neuroscience professor, author of 8 books, and CEO and co-founder of NeoSensory, a company specializing in creating sensory substitution devices. In this conversation, we’ll be exploring his 2020 novel, Livewired, where he examines and redefines the idea of neuroplasticity–the brain’s ability to rewire itself as we experience the world around us. We’ll also go in depth on the newest devices from his company, https://neosensory.com/, which use vibrations to help people with health issues and potentially even unlock new senses. If you’re curious how to optimize your brain health and want to know more about the future of human senses, this one’s for you.

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Host: Steven Parton // Music by: Amine el Filali

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