FBL62: Stefan Sorgner – Data & Culture in the Transhuman Future

The Feedback Loop by Singularity
The Feedback Loop by Singularity
FBL62: Stefan Sorgner - Data & Culture in the Transhuman Future

This week our guest is German professor and philosopher, Stefan Sorgner, who has extensively studied and written about the topic of transhumanism–which is commonly defined as a movement that promotes the use of technology to enhance the capabilities of humans. Stefan’s work on the subject includes his 2020 book “On Transhumanism,” his recently released “We Have Always Been Cyborgs,” and peer-reviewed publications such as “Nietzsche, the Overhuman, and Transhumanism.”

In this conversation, Stefan and I discuss the key ideas central to transhumanism, including how the movement differs from traditional approaches to societal improvement, bad ideas within the movement that need to be corrected, the cultural differences in perception of transhumanism that exists between America, Europe, and the East, the deep importance of data ownership and privacy, and much more.

Find out more about Stefan and his work at: sorgner.de


Host: Steven PartonLinkedIn / Twitter

Music by: Amine el Filali

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