FBL65: Bobby Azarian – The Evolutionary Journey to the Singularity & Beyond

This week our guest is cognitive neuroscientist and author, Bobby Azarian, who recently released his book “The Romance of Reality–  How the Universe Organizes Itself to Create Life, Consciousness, and Cosmic Complexity.”

In this episode, we do our best to get the full picture of this process, from how physics shapes life, how that life has an evolutionary tendency towards increased information processing, and how the resulting computational universe presents us with existential problems that require human cooperation to solve. Amongst other things, this includes a conversation about the possibility of a global brain connected by technology, the possibility of machine consciousness, and what technologies and cultural behaviors might bring us towards a future worth living, with a final emphasis on Bobby’s enthusiasm for blockchain.

You can follow Bobby at twitter.com/bobbyazarian, buy his book on Amazon, and stay up to date with his latest work on Youtube (www.youtube.com/c/ROADTOOMEGA) and Substack (roadtoomega.substack.com)

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