Individuals Changing the World

The Feedback Loop by Singularity
The Feedback Loop by Singularity
Individuals Changing the World

Episode 118 – Peter Diamandis

Peter and Dan discuss individuals who are changing the world, spotlighting Dean Kamen, an inventor who has an amazing moonshot of regenerating human organs. Imagine having a supply of “spare organs”: hearts, livers, lungs, and kidneys available to you as you get older.

In this episode:

Dan talks about past Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison who are household names because they invented things that are used by people everyday. Dean Kamen, a modern-day version of these inventors will be similar in the future.

Peter gives a background of Dean Kamen and some of his inventions including the Segway, Slingshot water purifier, and very soon regenerating human organs.

Dan and Peter discuss the work of FIRST Robotics which has given kids all around the world a place to learn about technology.

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