Tan Le: Neuroscience and the Future of Wearable Headsets

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Tan Le: Neuroscience and the Future of Wearable Headsets

This week our guest is Tan Le, who is CEO of the bioinformatics company Emotiv, which makes wearable EEG neuro-headsets that enable people to collect data on their brain activity. Tan Le has a truly remarkable story, from Vietnamese refugee, to studying Law, to becoming the Young Australian of the Year, all the way to her current role helping to drive the accessibility of neuroscience.

In this episode, we explore her journey, including how someone without neuroscience training can nonetheless create a company that pushes the field forward, and we also dig more deeply into how the headsets work and the future Tan believes we’ll create with such technology.

Read her book, The NeuroGeneration and check out her company, Emotiv.com


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