FBL61: Jim Rutt – Engineering a Better Society With Game B

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FBL61: Jim Rutt - Engineering a Better Society With Game B

This week our guest is businessman and entrepreneur, Jim Rutt, who you may know as the former chairman of the Sante Fe Institute or from his own podcast, The Jim Rutt show. Jim is also arguably the founding spearhead for a movement known as “Game B,” which we’ll discuss much more deeply in the episode but which could quickly be described here as an alternative to the destabilizing, exploitative, and zero-sum approach to society we currently have. Beyond detailing the specifics of Game B, this episode also explores Jim’s thoughts on technology, including online communities, social media moderation, digital IDs, and the ways in which Game B principles can be utilized to improve technology.

Jim’s article on Game B: https://medium.com/@memetic007/a-journey-to-gameb-4fb13772bcf3

Join the game B movement: https://www.game-b.org/

Listen to Jim’s podcast: https://www.jimruttshow.com/


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