FBL66 – Rob Reich: The Failures of Big Tech & How to Fix It

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FBL66 - Rob Reich: The Failures of Big Tech & How to Fix It

This week our guest is Rob Reich, a professor of political science at Stanford University and co-author of the recently published book System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot.

In this episode, we focus heavily on how the tech industry’s obsession with efficiency and optimization has often meant sacrificing our values and even democracy itself. This includes conversations about data privacy, the tension between recklessly fast innovation and mindful but slow progress, concerns over China, the job market, and much much more. Additionally, we discuss some optimistic and very actionable steps that individuals, universities, and businesses can take to help society reboot our failed relationship with Big Tech. 

Find the book on Amazon, follow Rob at twitter.com/robreich, and stay tuned for Rob’s upcoming class on these subjects at systemerrorbook.com


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