Global Supply Chain

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Global Supply Chain

Episode 113 – Peter Diamandis

Peter and Dan discuss the past few years’ shifts in global supply chains and how the COVID-19 pandemic exposed a major flaw in the system, as many companies moved operations from China to other parts of the world. Peter explores an intriguing flip, as companies increasingly move workforces off-shore yet transition key aspects of their supply chains on-shore.

In this episode:

Dan talks about how many manufacturing operations were shut down during the global pandemic, and explains why North America will become a major manufacturing hub in the next decade. 

Peter examines the implications of hiring people from all over the world. Increasingly enabled by core ‘metaverse’ technologies, experiences in AR and VR are evolving to allow remote workforces to interact in extraordinary, life-like ways. 

Peter and Dan agree that the most successful companies are those working to onshore their supply chains, hire top talent outside national borders, and globalize their consumer bases.

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