PMP2: The Future Of Retail with V. “Paddy” Padmanabhan and Molly Hartney

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PMP2: The Future Of Retail with V. “Paddy” Padmanabhan and Molly Hartney

We all know about the all-too-familiar retail apocalypse that led to closures of many brick-and-mortar chains due to the ‘08 financial crisis and the e-commerce boom, but it’s not over yet. In this episode, we talk about shifts in consumer behavior, how retailers should cope with the current pandemic and how they can prepare for the future.

Meet our guests:

V. “Paddy” Padmanabhan is the Unilever Professor of Marketing, INSEAD-Singapore and Academic Director of the Emerging Markets Institute, INSEAD. His current research focuses on Business Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Economies, Economic Crises and their implications, Pricing and Supply Chain Management. He is among the top 250 most highly cited scholars in the world in Economics and Business.

Molly Hartney comes with more than 10+ years of retail experience as a results-driven executive leader, known for scaling businesses quickly with a unique mix of driving strategy, building talent, and leveraging a customer-centric approach. She most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer and SVP Digital with Funko. Prior to that she spent 8 years in various leadership positions at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

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Season One of the podcast is in partnership with INSEAD.

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