Revolutionizing Real Estate

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Revolutionizing Real Estate

Episode 73 – Peter Diamandis

Location. Location. Location. Physical proximity has long been the name of the game. Yet as autonomous vehicles, virtual offices, and gigabit connection speeds transform our everyday lives, real estate markets are about to experience the massive waves created by these disruptions. Peter and Dan discuss the implications for real estate as convergence reshapes how we live, work, and play.

In this episode:

Peter illustrates how today’s low-value, long-distance real estate becomes far more attractive as air taxis and autonomous vehicle fleets make physical distance immaterial.

Dan discusses the legal ramifications as regulators attempt to catch up to technological advances, and entrepreneurs gain an unprecedented opportunity to participate in drafting new laws.

Peter explores the critical role of AI: fast approaching (near) human-level intelligence, AIs will soon begin to replace middlemen across countless industries, disrupting traditional real estate brokers and personalizing our physical — and virtual — spaces.

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