The New Commercial Space Age

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The New Commercial Space Age

Episode 97 – Peter Diamandis

Peter and Dan discuss recent breakthroughs in the commercial space industry, highlighting a slew of new startups entering the marketplace, whether in analytics or rocket engineering. As we witness the shift from a heavily government-funded space industry to one propelled by privately funded companies, the world will soon see more and more access to space.

  • Peter gives an update on the commercial space industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities of mining precious metals and rocket fuels on asteroids and the Moon.
  • Dan narrates the story of two great historical inventions that allowed for deep water navigation: the sextant and chronometer, which enabled accurate measurements of latitude and longitude, respectively. These tools were critical to expanding the reach of human exploration across our largely water-coated planet. Fast-forward roughly 250 years, and Peter shows how they serve as a useful analogue for some of today’s pioneering commercial space rockets.

Peter demonstrates how pioneering companies’ opening of the space frontier is unlocking a new abundance mindset in the commercial space sector… One in which we’re now witnessing a surge in capabilities and new opportunities.

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